Calendar error regarding {Field \"entry.approvers\" used in query}

When set the condition of "Calendar" in the menu to "true", when the user logs in and uses the system, there is always an error message popping up:

"Field \"entry.approvers\" used in query is not mapped or mapped to Blob/Clob/Text/Image. (display,fdisp.1)"

The Calendar is available, just that this message keeps showing up, but I can't find where this query with field "entry.approvers" is defined.


Anyone please help? Many thanks.

  • Hi Jennifer, is not clear for me exactly when the error happens. Can you provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue?
    Another point, I don't remember this field entry.approvers, which version are u using? Is it a custom field?
  • The version is 9.60, not a custom field.

    The error message appears quite randomly, e.g. I see the error when I click on a Change ticket from the calendar, but when I go back to the calendar & click on another Change ticket / click back on the same Change ticket again, the error does not prompt.
    And sometimes I open the calendar and just leave it in the browser, after 2-3 minutes I go back and check, the error will be there.

    This is the screenshot of the error message when I open a Change ticket from the calendar.


  • Hi,


    Any solution to this issue? Even we are facing the similar issue in HP Service Manager 9.40.


    Please let us know, how to resolve this. Thank You in advance.



    Shalini R