Change data type on alias table.

I have an alias table assets on cm3r and I want to change it from NTEXT to NVARCHAR(200).

I enter dbdict and change the datatype from NTEXT to NVARCHAR(200) - but I get an error:

  5408(  2112) 09/11/2017 12:01:28  RTE E Changing SQL data type from 'NTEXT' to 'NVARCHAR(200)' for column 'AFFECTED_SERVICES' in table 'CM3RA4' is not supported. Update cancelled.

Anyone know how to work around this issue?

BR Ivis.

  • Tried this -

    Set field to correct value in RDBMS and then update the field in the SM DBDICT.

    Mapped back to i.e a3 and save dbdict. This works but there is now a nulltable in the sqltables of the dbdict so not happy with this solution. Anyone mapped a aliast table to a different data type before??

    BR Ivis.