ChatOps - issues - anybody has this working?

Hi - installed chatOps 1.3 and connected to slack. All that works. 

But communcation out from SM to slack is buggy - If i try to create a war room (i.e major incident) nothing is happening - and yes I have installed a webhook and updated rulesets and script chatOps in SL. 

When i try to update an incident from slack - i get the error - incident updated, 

Failed to add the activity for incident IM11257
"*Reason*: _Incident record updated._"

From BOT server: 

, Unrecoverable error in application: se.external.add.record on panel exit.normal, Process panel exit.normal in RAD se.external.action encountered error in line 1 (se.external.action,exit.normal), Cannot evaluate expression (se.external.action,exit.normal), Cannot evaluate expression (se.external.action,exit.normal), Bad arg(2) oper = (se.external.action,exit.normal), Cannot evaluate expression jscall("RestfulMain.calljsscript", "if(vars.$L_mode==\"add\")

But it still gets updated - so dont understand why. 

Anoying this is - anyone with suggestions on how to communicate from SM server to Slack and why it is not working?