Add new type to timeperiods?

Types are go, ava, neutral and nogo - i find it in the codes file. 
I also see that one have timeperiodconflictstypes - conflictNogoTP, missedGoToTP and overlapGOTP. 

If we want to create a timeperiod that only allows freeze for certain changes. Can you add a new type? 


  • Assuming Service Manager Time Period Management.
    The concepts are defined here in the online help server under Time Period Management concepts.
    There are 4 Time Period Categories (TCP*) out of box:

    AvailabilityHours, Maintenance Window, Neutral, and Freeze Period.

    You can add more by going under the System Navigator>Time Period Management>Configuration>Time Period Categories.


  • Yup - i did know that. 

    But you are restriceted to the 4 types - i.e go, nogo etc. Adding a new category will only use the preexsisting types. But I guess you cannot add to this without digging into the timeperiod script. 



  • Sorry I misread you. You can add more types via:

    Type: timeperiodType
    Value: ivis (just an example ;))
    Sort Order: 5

    Logout/back in to check the gl "$" , the new value will be {"go", "nogo", "neutral", "ava", "ivis"}

    Then add a timeperiod category based on this new type - the Usage condition can be changed of course.

  • Hi - I did check the codes - but the issue was when I was looking at the script there are certain predefined events that are called from the ruleset that notifies the user if i.e it hits a freeze period (nogo) etc. So that is when I realized that this is just not that easy :) 

    BR Ivis.