Service Manager and Disaster Recovery/Backup Contingency Plan/Scheduled Maintenance

Good morning,

I'm curious as to what other companies are doing in the area of Disaster Recovery or Backup Contingency Planning for outages for Service Manager.  

In our company, when we make changes to Service Manager that require changes to the dbdicts, we schedule an outage, kick everybody off the application, perform our changes and checkout, and then bring the application back up.  While the main Service Manager application is down, we actually have our users create tickets in another system, and then we use ConnectIt to move those tickets over to HPSM.  The other system is limited, does not have all the data our Production system has, and it's kind of a pain trying to keep the core data in sync.

We use that same system for unexpected outages - like if HPSM goes down for some reason.

For 'Hard Down' disaster recovery, the database team and server teams bring up whole copies of Service Manager in another data center, but that's only for a company-wide disaster, and not something that's available for scheduled outages or unexpected HPSM outages.

So, I'm curious how other companies have solved it.  What do you guys do in your companies for unexpected outages or shceduled maintenance?  

  • Thanks guys, this has been a most insightful thread for ages.

    Recently I listened to the webinar, that stated that for upcoming releases ITSM will be adopting container approach for installation and upgrading procedures. I'm no means expert in that area, but what I heard and understood, it would make a disaster recovery a bit easier. (At least for the pieces you have control over...)

    If you are interested, search for a webinar called "HPE ITSM Automation and Containers – Accelerating Deployment and Time to Value".