Service Manager 9.5x - Launch a dashboard as an action in a rule set

Good morning,

We're working on configuring Service Manager 9.52, and we have an ask from management.

We love the dashboards and reports that 9.52 offers. But the reports aren't quite dynamic. What I mean is, the report is a saved search that takes a pre-built query and displays the records or charts for that query.

So, it's easy to set up a report for Incidents like: isin {"CIxxxx", "CIyyyy", "CIzzzzz"} and flag=true

But, what we'd like to do is create a ruleset within the Configuration Management module that would be available as an action so that I could go into any CI record, click a button, and launch a dashboard that would show me the Incidents, Problems and Changes on this CI and its related CIs in a single pane of glass. (Note, this is different than just drilling in to view the related records for just this CI).

So, I'm trying to build that out. I have added a RuleSet that runs a javascript to get the CIs related to the CI being displayed and puts those CIs in a variable. I have set up several reports that have their queries built on that variable (like, from the example above, ' isin $ciArray and flag=true'). But I can't seem to launch a dashboard from an Action.

Looking at the menu options for launching the dashboard, it seems like it just calls us.launch.internal with the as its parameter. I have been able to successfully add a menu option to call a specific dashboard by changing the parameter to something like '', and that works from the menu, but I can't seem to run us.launch.internal from anything else - not from an Action, not from a Wizard, not from a Process, not from a Script, not from a ScriptLibrary...

So, how would I launch a dashboard as an action?  Anyone try this?

  • Hi,

    i didn't tested it but I know that their is a variable $

    Maybe they check it in the background.

    You can set this variable to simulate the execution from the menu.

  • Thanks for the reply.  I hadn't thought of that; so I tried it.  The ID for a dashboard I threw together was 5009

    I built a Process record (custom.launch.dashboard) like:

    Pre Rad Expressions -

    RAD -
    Application: us.launch.internal
    Condition: true
    Parameter Names | Parameter Values
    url | $L.url

    Then I created a custom action to call that custom process, made it available as an action, and added that action to my workflow.  When I try that action, nothing happens.

    I _did_ manage to kind of cheat and get _something_ to work, but not quite what I wanted.  In 9.5, for any buttons that appear on the form, there are new attributes: Button Action and Button Action Params.  The Button Action has 4 options (though I didn't find how they're set and there's no documentation) - Open Dashboard Tab, Open RuleSet Editor, Open Smart Search Widget, Open Workflow or File RuleSet Editor.

    If I put a button on the form, set the Button Action to: Open Dashboard Tab, set the Button ID to 5009, that seems to work.  Clicking that button in the form launches a new tab to that dashboard.

    That's not quite what I want though.  I'd like this on the More menu.  So does anyone know anything about those Button Actions?  Can I set some RuleSet to call any of those Actions? 

  • Hi Jacob,

    I checked the code, the only way is set the Button Action to open Dashboard Tab.

    As this action is called from Client side not from the application, and client code is not for tailoring.

    Hope it explains,


  • Hmm... not the answer I was hoping for, and it's a pretty bad design if that's the case.  Why have Actions and RuleSets to call functions if there are functions that are going to bypass that altogether?

    I know there are RAD calls to get/set cursor position (,, cursor.field.contents()); the equivalent of putting your cursor in a field and clicking a button of some kind.  Anyone know a RAD call that can simlulate a button click?  

    If there's a button action for it, there has to be a way to have that action occur in some other way.  If not, again, that's a terrible design.  Why have buttons that don't behave in any way, shape, or form like other buttons?

  • Maybe a really long shot, but have you tried HTML viewer component? Form a link by using JS script and set sclink as a protocol. It should open a internal tab in SM. HTML link acts as a "button", in your case it would trigger the URL to the dashboard. (You can for example create a dynamic task list and make task number a clickable link to the record.)

    Or alternatively (don't know if it works), try to make a query to "inbox" table where all the reports and dashboards are.

    sHtmlReturn  = "<a href=\"sclink://" record.depend_filename ":"   codeLink(recID "=&quot;"   record.depend   "&quot;", "en")   "\">"   record.depend   "</a></td>";

    Check a longer example from:

  • Interesting approach.  I haven't poked at it yet, but if my 'button' is a form element, then it's no better than the working form element button that calls the Button Action to launch the dashboard.  I'm hoping to get something on the More menu or the standard ribbon menu.

  • No Yan,

    I'm very-very sad to report you that this doesn't solve anything: you guys did it again: implemented "something" that looks good on paper, presentation and then messed the whole thing up... An individual netbeans or whatever application inside SM. Do you know what kind of questions a future partner asks if you present them something like that: "Looks great, but I want that button red" - Because he's been using (and paying for) SM for 7 years and he's kinda used to the basic stuff: we can change forms. We can call RAD applications etc. Let's be honest, SM is strong because we can tailor it. 

    Why in the world can't this friggin' us.launch.internal not be launched from whatever I want it...process, ruleSet, DO, wizard, JS?

    Also if you put a lousy option to formdesigner, then why don't you care to explain it??? "Open dashboard tab",  or "Open RuleSet Editor", or "Open Smart Search Widget" or "Open Workflow or File RuleSet Editor"

    Who was the bright one to select these! Please explain the logic behind!!! Please do so! Why these 4? And why can't I give the friggin' dashboardID to the first one so it brings up the desired one when clicked on...

    The customer wants a button with the following function: launch dashboard numer 100048. WHY ist this so hard in 2020? Why? Why is it not possible?!

    Because you guys don't give a **bleep** and somehow nobody's thinking around there anymore... Please care to explain us and don't just "check in the code". You have failed so many times : ServicePortal, Propel, ChangeCalendar... why? why are you constantly bringing these useless non-cumstomizeable things out? Why? 

    I do like SM in a way, it puts food on my table has been doing that for long years but to see what you guys are actually doing with it... I'm really, really sad. Why don't you concentrate on good stuff, like PD? That was a proper one... after 2 years people actually could use it xD but now it's close to perfect... 

    Anyway... Please be more careful what you do with our SM because we depend on this thing. Sometimes it's very depressing to see what kind of stuff you pull together... not to mention if we look at the competition.

    Please don't get upset, if you look at the last 10 years of SM you'll probably understand what I mean.

    Have a nice day!

  • actually the Open dashboard TAB thingy works : just have to put the dashID to button params in FD