Regen is too slow in version 9.30, 9.31 . . .

Hello experts, This is a long pending issue in our environment where we are trying to run Regen on probsummary, incidents & rootcause table. As of now,it is in Asynchronous mode & we have stopped IRQEUE process. Even raised the shared memory to higher range. To isolate this activity, we created a separate environment which is meant for running Regen only & then copy all scirexpert records to Prod environment. But it is taking more than a week to get completed foir a single table for both RTE versions 9.30 & 9.31. Database size is 302GB. I have attached sm.ini file. This is something urgent & hope experts will be having suggetion to fix this issue.
  • It's possible to execute an I.r refer on a non-production environment then replace the production IR index. After taking the database copy you need to suspend I.r indexing on Prod, then complete the new indexes m, migrate them to prod, and the re-enable indexing to index the records from the interim period.  I think there are instructions in the SM Help Sever.


    note that you may also want to remove the journal led history fields from the IR Key (e.g. Update.action in probsummary). A as it can significantly improve performance.


    if you have Knowledge Management, you have the option to index tickets using the KM index, which removes the need to use IR indexing (and provides a much more sophisticated search capability).

  • We are following the same instructions. Problem here is Regen is never ending & we are not sure whether it will able to give correct indexes as it failed in previous try. We have 4 fields defined as a part of IR Key which includes Title, Descripotion, Journal Updates & Solution for probsummary table. We are not using knowledge management as fo now.
  • Have a look at this. It may help.  Title:   IR regen after upgrading the system from SM7.10 to SM7.11  
    Document ID:   KM868376. Summary:   How to run Ir Regen on test and move the scirexpert file to production.

  • Somehow we were able to complete for Probsummary & ran vrir utility successfully. But its not same for incident table. Regen got completed on Incident table but vrir is failing on it.