HP Sm IR (?) search problem/question


I have to search for incidents and change requests using exact words and/or wildcards


So far all my experiments with "Text saerch" and "Advanced Search" are driving me mad.

In one field * and ? work, in another they don't

Searching in Advanced search-Title works fine, but Advanced search -Description is not working
Text search for incidents works, but Text search for Change Requests is not working


I found this http://community.hpe.com/t5/forums/replypage/board-id/itrc-695/message-id/132596 - is there possibility that following steps written there will help ?



PS: is there some kind of "reference" guide how to search and what to expect when searching items "Search changes" and "Search incidents" (Text and Advanced)?

Maybe there is logic how these works and I (and my coleagues) just can't get it?!


  • I beleive the steps in the link would help with the Description part not being searchable.  I have not come across the '*' and '?' not working before so I am not sure about that part.

    The Help files only has bery basic info about searching in it.  I don't know if there is more comprehensive search documents anywhere else.

  • About how to search, what our oditors want is to search by some wildcards, like

    'server?' (should find servers and serverA and serverB)


    '*.srv' (should return all which look like win1.srv, win2.srv, ubuntu.srv etc)


    Is there simple way to do this via Text Search/Advanced Search or the only way is "expert search"?
    Reading here and there it seems no wildcards are allowed ?