WebService Performance Best Practices

Hi All,

I've been using SOAP to access a few web services in an external built application. Everything works how is supposed; I can read and write from my external app. I recently have run into a problem. When I use the "retrieve keys list" method, and the list is big, let's say 200 items, the response takes a while (around 15 seconds or so). I was wondering if there's a way to speed this up or another method/way/best practice to do this in the least amount of time and memory possible.


  • Compare the same query when running from interface, if the response time is not good, you may want to work on in the query, use some indexed field on it or create a new index.. 

    And specifically for the interface:

    1: you can use paging functionality to retrieve the data in small groups, this will avoid memory problems and speed up the retrieve but probably the total time will be higher (when you sum all request's time). 

    2: Check if all fields returned are required, if not modify or create a new service for this specific integration

    3: If possible, change to Rest, the overhead is much smaller.