How to remove mandatory field option in SM 9.30

I am using SM 9.30 and I want to remove the mandatory fill option while raising interactions and incidents in SM 9.30.

I have attached the screenshot of the fields which I have to remove.


Thanks and Best Regards,

Abhijeet P

  • Do you want to remove the display of red triangles on the form or remove the check for mandatory ?

  • First you need to understand what you need to make sure that you know why you are doing this.. these fields are important for Interaction general function... make sure you really understand the impacts and test it exhaustively  :) .

    Check the form name on the bottom-right of your client, probably

    With the format name, type fd on your command panel, type the format name search for it, click on design, select the field you want to remove the mandatory (take notes of the field name on input property) and uncheck the checkbox mandatory for it. Click OK to return to the form view, right-click > format control. Go to the panel validations and remove the validations you want ( just set 'false and' to the execution condition for test)...


    Wish you luck ! If you need more support just post yours doubts bellow