(SM) Support Tip: An HPE Propel user is unable to view support requests after just submitting them.

Logging a support request in Propel moves from Open to In Progress and generates an incident in Service Manager.  After a few seconds the requests in Propel will no longer be visible to the end user under Support Requests->Open Requests or All Requests. 

The operator record in Service Manager does not match the login name used when logging into Propel.

Verify your LDAP user names match their corresponding operator records in Service Manager.  Operator records may be case insensitive and Propel users will still be able to login and use the Propel UI.  For example, logging in as AmyLopez and amylopez will get you into propel but depending on how the operator record is configured in Service Manager the user may not see the submitted requests.   A defect has been logged QCCR1D220366.