Link to network location


Is there a way to add a hyperlink to a form or report that would send the user to a network location external to Service Manager 9.41. The organization uses a network folder structure to organize specific documents used during the troubleshooting process of interactions/incidents.

  • Hi Aaron,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    I have heard that in SRC we are able to add or customized links on the form but I have not hear adding link directly on Service Manager.

    For reports, the information we have is:

    1. Click Knowledge Management > Contribute Knowledge.

      A list of document types is displayed. The out-of-box document types are:

      • Error Message/Cause
      • External
      • Question/Answer
      • Problem/Solution
      • Reference
    2. Select the document type you want from the list.

    3. ClosedAssign the document to a category.
    4. Use the rich-text editor to enter text for the document.

    5. ClosedIf needed, add a file attachment to the document.
    6. ClosedIf needed, insert a link to the attached file.
    7. ClosedIf needed, insert a link to another knowledge document.
    8. ClosedIf needed, insert an image to the document.
    9. If needed, click the Link icon to insert a hyperlink to an external web site.
    10. Click the Preview button to view the document. The following information is also displayed:

      • Document Id
      • Document Type
      • Document subtype (available only for the Reference type)
      • Summary
      • Creation Date
      • Expiration Date
      • Author
      • Associated Services (if selected)
      • Tags
      • Related Documents
    11. Click Back.
    12. If you want to save the document as a draft, click Save Draft.
    13. Click Save or click the applicable button to submit the document for approval or to publish the document immediately if you are a KCS II or KCS III for the document category.

      Once the document is published, the following information is also displayed to users: Document Id, Document Type, Document subtype, Summary, Creation Date, Expiration Date, Author, Tags, Associated Services, and Related Documents (Document subtype is available only for the Reference type).

    14. Complete the mandatory and optional fields on the form.

  • For example, if you wanted to add a button to access Google to form you could add a display option as follows:

    Screen ID: cc.first
    Unique ID: cc.first_google
    Action: do nothing
    GUI option: 207
    Text Option: 207
    Condition: True
    Default Label: Access Google

    RAD Application: us.launch.external
    Separate Thread: false
    Names: name

    I would then use 207 as the button ID for my button object.