SM TIP: Duplicate "Journal Updates" when using the Duplicate Incident functionality.

The  “duplicate Incident” functionality does a carbon copy of the Incident you select.


This functionality includes the "journal update" entries and that was confusing users because they were seeing old entries in new Incidents.


Here is an easy way to avoid that and clean the Journal Update field during the clone/duplicate action:


  1. Go to process: im.clone
  2. Add the following lines in the Initial Expressions section(screenshot attached):


$L.void=fduplicate($L.file.copy, $L.file)

update.action in $L.file.copy={""}



The first line will invoke the duplicate function and it will create a new copy of the original $L.file record ( $L.file.copy ).


The second line will clean the update.action field which is the journal update section. The ideal is not to affect the original variable($L.file) .


3.  Then, go to the RAD tab and modify the "first expression evaluated before RAD" to:


$L.void=fduplicate($L.file.clone, $L.file.copy)


and also the parameter Value for record to :


$L.file.copy(see the screenshot attached)



4. Save the process record.


Now, your cloned Incident will have a clean journal and the original Incident will keep their journal updates.