SM9.4 - missing table when creating a new view

I created a new table, it has data and forms - I can view/enter data. I want to create a view for this new table but the table doesnt show up when I go to "System Administration" | "Base System Configuration" | "Miscellaneous" and select "Views/Favorites" and then click on "New"

when it brings up the new window, the first drop down is "Area" and my new table is not listed. This drop down is using var/G.scm.files2

I went to global lists and I cant find this variable the drop down is using - it sounds like i need to refresh a global variable but I cant find the one I need to rebuild/regen

Any ideas?


Things i have done:

I went to the "searchconfig" table and found the record for my table and "Allow Advanced Find" is set to true (not sure if this matters).

I have refreshed the $g.file global list

server has been rebooted a few times since I started using this table