SM 9.4 - RAD - how to insert into array BEFORE current values?

I am trying to insert data into an ARRAY ( the action field in probsummary) and I want the values to be the first value instead of at the end... is this possible? I can add values to the array but at the end


$new.comment=action.comments in $L.file
action in $L.file=insert(action in $L.file,,,$new.comment)

I tried the following "0" during the insert and that deletes the array and then puts in JUST my comment and the existing array is deleted.

$new.comment=action.comments in $L.file
action in $L.file=insert(0 in action in $L.file,,,$new.comment)


Is there a way I can copy the array to a variable and a way for me to add the array back (completely intact) to the array AFTER i add the comment to the array at the beginning?