SM 9.4 - how to open a form using a button?

I created a new table and a new form based off the table, nothing fancy. I want to add a button to sd.interaction.subform.detail that opens the new form so I can enter data into the new form. I have been looking through as many ServiceManager documents that I can find and I cant find an example.

Any chance someone has an example of how this is done?

  • Verified Answer

    Try this:

    1.  Create button on Form.

    2.  Create a Display Option to correspond with that button based on the display screen that the form uses.  The Button ID of the button needs to be the same as the GUI option of the Display Option.

    3.  On the Display Option, for Action, choose "do nothing".

    4.  On the RAD tab, try:

    RAD Application: database
    Names:   name           Values:  "name of the format"

    5.  Fill out the other fields on the Display Option as necessary.