SM 9.4 - How to put text in a field when a user selects a drop down or clicks a button???

I am not sure if this possible. If a user selects a value from a drop down or clicks a button I want to be able to add text to a text field. I am hoping to do this without having to click on Save .... is this possible? if so, what should I search for the forum/web for to get help on this?

  • Sure it is. A bit clumsy way, but it does exist. So this is a rough guide how to do it:

    Use element's properties field "Data changed event". SM Help describes it:

    Specify the option number (such as Button ID) to call if the data contained in the object changed. This sends an event to the display RAD application.

    Open "Forms Designer" and the form you want to edit. Assign a number to the element that triggers the event (for example 6666, you must check it's not used by another option in a same Display Screen. Number should be >200.). Then you've to check which is the Display Screen that presents the form. It's easiest to check by opening a ticket in a desktop client and seeing what is the text after the name of the form, between ( ), for example rm.request.view.

    Then add a new display option to that Display Screen and make sure its GUI option is same you gave in Forms Designer. If I'd add the button to the rm.request.view, I'd add the main fields as following:

    Screen id: rm.request.view

    Unique id: rm.request.view_myeventcode

    GUI option: 6666

    Action: nothing

    Write you code to the Expressions/JavaScript boxes or call external JS library to do the job you want.

  • if you already pre defined match list selected value and text for the text field.

    You can search for dep.g form and look at this in form designer.