SM9.4 - error message: $pmc.actions is required

I imported a few hundred records into probsummary and I 99.99% sure I got all the fields imported, but when I go to save an incident record, i get an information box that says "$pmc.actions is required". I went through as much of the states, objects, process and activityactions and cant figure out the issue.

I used connect-it to import the data - what did I do wrong? 


I do not get this message when I create a new Incident and fill out the required fields.

  • Verified Answer


    $pmc.actionsmeans its looking for Activity update, check if you had any mandatory condition set to ask user to fill Activity update on saving incident record.

    If you are using pdcp, then look for a rule set which is asking to fill $pmc.actions variable on incident update.