(SM) Support Tip: Why the status in a SLO can be incorrectly updated.

When a record's status is changed, it affects the status in the sloresponse records, so it can change to running, breached or suspended. The status value for the sloresponse record will be calculated in the sla.refresh.active RAD application in panel create.time.arrays.

When the slamodulecontrol record, does not contain all the statuses available in the Response State Progression field or the order is not logical (i.e. "Closed" in the first position and "Work in Progress" in the last position), this RAD application can't change the slo status correctly. In order to solve this problem, all the possible statuses for the record must be added in the Response State Progression field for the module SLA Integration Information. The following is an example for probsummary table, but it applies to any module: