(SM) Support Tip: How to add activities when a notification is sent from a record

There are records from which users can send notifications, for example from changes.

The following steps show how to add an activity record with the notification is sent.

1. Look for the display option with Unique ID=notify_send.
2. Add the following code in the line 2 of the Pre Rad Expressions:
$cm.update="A notification was sent from this record"

3. In the same display option, add the following information:
RAD Application: sc.activity
Names: file, second.file, text, boolean, record
Values: $L.record, $L.record, Notification Sent, true, $L.object
4. Save the display option record.
5. Add a record in the activityactions table with the following information:
Name: Notification Activities
Table: cm3r
Mode: Notification Sent
$L.mode=”Notification Sent”

In the Activities structure:
Name: Notification Sent
Condition: true
Description: {$cm.update}
6. Save the record.
7. Now, send a notification by following this steps:
   a. Go to a Change Record
   b. Go to more options drop down menu and then click Notify:
   c. Fill the required information and click on Send:
8. Finally see if the activity is added.