Ticket category- new value_created - while creating new incident error showing

Hi Experts,

My requirement is to remove some of the unused drop down values of Ticket category. And need to add one new value to the drop down.
And from Back end I have added this new value, and for rest of the values I have updated its status as False, so which will not be able to use. And added new value to category table also.
And I have created new GL with the values that need to used. I have added the new value to the GL. Rest of the values are already available values.
But when I create incident with new value, it is creating but showing error message like "For selected Category Area and Sub area are invalid".
And in DB I have checked both imArea and imSubcategory, but need to know how to proceed further.
PFA for the error message that is showing when incident is created with newly added drop down value. Am using SM 9.40.
Please help me out to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance.
Abarna Arunraj