Wizard run call

Hi Experts,

My requirements is to show a wizard, when the assignment group is any of tier4. And am able to give this one.
And I have implemented this and I have given the wizard call in process.
The wizard has to show when the incident is Save or save&exit. When incident is in update phase, if I give save or save&exit, it is coming.
But when I create an incident, only for save wizard is displayed, not for save&exit.
These are the two process I have given the wizard.run call,
im.save(For Save)
im.view.init(For save and exit)
Is there any other process for new creation of incident? or I have to change the wizard run condition?
Please suggest me an option.
Thanks in Advance.
Abarna Arunraj

  • It's not very clear to me what are your problems...

    To answer your question I'm assuming that you are using an version that does not use PD - otherwise, why would you change process instead of creating a Rule Set:

    The process involved in the opening are: im.first*... you can review display option and display screen to check it.

    If you are not sure about the wizard condition, set it to true and you will know :)