Notification not triggering to assignment group

Hi Experts,

In Incident management, for Assignment groups notifications are not trigerring, but with the same condition it is triggering if i directly give recipient ie, mail id. And when i try to validate, in output events mails are triggering for assignment groups(PFA), but mails are not triggering. And I have attached the event that are triggering for assignment groups(only in output events it is triggering), And currently am using SM 9.40 version. This is the condition i have given for triggering,

assignment in $L.file="Tier4 - Hardware and Industrial Controls" and not  (same(assignment in $L.file, assignment in $           -----> condition(update phase)

assignment in $L.file      ---> this is recipient

assignment       -----> group.

And this issue is with open and even close phase.

Can you please help me out to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.