How to call wizard run initially

Hi Experts,

My requirement is to display flow image when an incident's assignment group is any of "Tier4". And I have done this by creating new wizard. And in Save and save and exit process I have given the wizard run function with the condition.
when I create new incident the wizard run is performing only after creation of incident. Then it is showing the image. And I have given finish and cancel option. When I give cancel also it is coming to update phase.
And I want to know to call wizard first and then saving process only if I click finish in the wizard screen, and if I give cancel then it has to redirect to the same new incident creation phase (open phase). And this functionality is same for save and exit.
Need to know how to proceed further. And am using SM 9.40

Thanks in advance.

Abarna Arunraj

  • I see two options:
    1 - Call the wizard on DO and based on wizard exit change the $L.ds.action.
    2 - Change the process being used adding the Wizard as first step (or even first process) and based on wizard exit decide what to do next...

    In your shoes I would chose the first option.. its simpler.