How to automattically update drop down values

Hi Experts,
Our requirement is to create a dropdown when ticket category is install.
The dropdown values will be from 1 to 10.Our exact requirement is when we create an incident and the ticket category is install the user has to select any of the values from 1 - 10.
If the user is giving 1 as the value , for next incident only from 2 to 10 they can select and only those value should be displayed in the dropdown. (But am sure this is not possible with GL) and if they select 1 error message has to show since it is already assigned to one incident.
This will be same for all the upcoming or available incident, once all the 10 values are assigned to incident then no other incident should not select the value from the dropdown. If they select it has to show the error message.
If any of the incident assigned with the value from 1 to 10 is closed then the allocated no: should display for other incident to assign.

We have done in form level changes and created GL. Need to know any other option to achieve this.
Thanks in advance.
Abarna Arunraj

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    Here is a way to achieve it:

    1.  Create a table that has the columns: number, active

    2.  Populate the table as:

    1, true
    2, true

    3.  On the form, have the drop-down list do a select on this table for the numbers where active is true.

    4.  On creation of a ticket have SM search this table, find the row where the number is the one selected from the drop-down and change the value of active to false.

    5.  On close of a ticket have SM have SM search this table, find the row where the number is the one selected from the drop-down and change the value of active to true.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    As you said, for the 1st 3 points I will be able to do, and please can you elabrate the 4th and 5th point, how come I will be doing this, need to do in FC or where? can you share any coding/query for this.

    Thanks in Advance.


    Abarna Arunraj

  • I'm always getting impressed with human being creativity.... this looks a very bad solution for a requirement that intent to avoid that at any time we have more than 10 open Installation tickets ... isn't it? If not, what's is the purpose of this?

    If I'm right, why you just don't check during at opening form how many records of this category are opened and if it's >=10 you displays a message telling:  Simulateneos tickets limit reached, try again later.

  • Hi Experts,

    I got the solution for updating the drop down field. But now am facing one issue, where am geting as expected when new incident open(evety time), or when i search incidents(first time) based on true condition it will fetch values for the drop down. But once i seached, again when i search another incident from the same all search. It is showing the value which i have given for previous incident. but when i close the session or even when i click again "search incidents" it is coming as expected.

    And how do i update the value if it is assigned to one incident, and if i open another incident, only to show values whose active status is "true". And am using SM9.4

    Thanks in Advance.


    Abarna Arunraj