How to give access to "Supporting documents" tab in Change Management

Hi Experts,

My requirement is to give access to "Supporting Documents" tab in change management, only to particular person and that too in "Planning" phase.

Initially it will be read only condition for all and it will be editable only to coordinators,managers but i need to give access to a person only in planning phase. I have added his contact name along with the original condition in cm.change.planning (FC) but it is not editable in planning or any other phase for that person.

Can you please help me solving this issue.

Thanks in advance.



  • Can you display your initial condition and added (about person) and also what condition in FD ?

  • The Tab is not active in my environment right now. But as for the overview idea, If you need to have access for a specific person in a specific field in a form(this is my understanding of your concern), you could do it with a combination of a FC, FD and Capability. This is working on my test of 9.x version, hope it will guide you or help on what you currently have.

    1. Define a capability words that need to be assigned to a specific user under operator record.

    2. Define a temporary variable in global FC(cm3r) calculation, with condition that will give a value of true if the login user is having capability word on step 1. 

    3. in FD, go to the field and add a Read-Only Condition. Variable=true;  Can edit the field..... cariable=false, Cannot edit the field.