mixed mode SM95x and SMA-SM Portal connection

Hi all,


we istalled SMA-SM 2017.11 in the mixed mode with SM 9.52. We use the portal and smart analytics in the docker environment. The connection of SM 9.52 and the portal worked in general but we have one issue:

All the catalogues and items are visible, but you cannot open a ticket or request as the dropdownlists of the request form in the portal are not working (system error).

In the configuration masks is everything green and we do not see any fault... Anybody any idea? We would be thankfull for any helpfull hint!!!

Thanks in advance, Kai

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Kal,

    Two things I want you to check

    1- ScriptLibrary record > RestfulQuery around line 195-197, there is a typo error, line looks like >

    returCode = restRC['no auth'];

    but should be (It's missing an "n")

    returnCode = restRC['no auth'];

    If you have this problem please fix it.

    2- Integration user must have permissions to check data under device table, confirm the user can search device records.

    If none of these are problem with your system I suggest to open a support ticket.


  • Hi,


    thanks for your help, unfortunately that didn't work. We found the typo (returCode) in the script and corrected it, and we also checked the rights (our integration user is sysadmin), but that did not help. Find a screenshot of our incident attached. All catalogue items are there, even the user options are shown, but the values of th dropdown fields of the servicedesk interaction ticket can not be diplayed...

    Any other idea? Thanks for any input, Kai