SOAP call working from SOAPUI but not from Service Manager

Hi Experts,

I'm having trouble integrating to a custom partner system. As always I use the xml helper functions to produce the xml "payload" and then arm doSOAPRequest. I've done it a lot of times but now it doesn't work. I simply get "internal server error" along with the well known message. I know normally this would be something to debug on the partner side but I don't really have access to that part.

Here comes the funny part: If I add the generated content XML (the exact same that SM (9.60) made) and push it with SOAPUI then surprise: everything checks out, I get a valid response with valid data.

Question: what on earth is different in my SM call and the SOAPUI call? The content is granted to be the same. It's also not credentials because I use the same in doSOAPRequest arguments and if I mess it up intentionally then I get a full valid 200. So auth should be ok. What then? Whats wrong with my call? 

Again, very important: I'm not using the wsdl2js nightmare I'm producing the xml myself. And this method just worked for me a dozen times. What's wrong here?

Any advice, help, hint, hugely appreciated!

Thanks for reading, thanks in advance!



  • A bit more information. It seems that the soap call is actually getting to the partner system, so it's not a firewall or network issue. So there must be some kind of content difference between the SM and the SoapUI message.

    BR, Dávid

  • Verified Answer

    Ok, here's the solution: whenever you decide to build your own XML based on a file, or doing it completely in JS do not forget that doSOAPRequest needs the content as a _string_. I've been sending the content as an XML object all the time »» wrong : use toXMLString(), or toString(). In my experience both do the job.

    That's it, wrong format.

    BR, Dávid