restful POST error handling

Hi experts,

Here's a good one: how come nobody ever whined about the fact that "bad" restful POST via doHTTPRequest() will never return a meaningful message?

I mean look:

This is a the response I get with soapUI:

"errorMessage": "Your request could not be created. Please check the fields have been correctly filled in. Please provide a value for required field 'Applikation'",
"i18nErrorMessage": {
"i18nKey": "sd.validation.request.creation.failure.required.field",
"parameters": ["Please provide a value for required field 'Applikation'"]

Now that is something you can easily parse / use / understand in your programming...

What you get in SM is this:

Error calling method: doHttpRequest in class: com/hp/ov/sm/server/utility/HttpClient Exception ( Server returned HTTP response code: 400 fo
r URL:

Everyone knows a trick? Am I the only dump one here? 

Please do tell me how exactly I'm supposed to get to the info that the partner system is missing the "Applikation".

I don't think that's included in the SM message...

And you can't even skip it: try - catch ist just not enough for it. If it fails, BAM, you get the red alert that's it.

How in the world can something like this happen. 2019 and we're struggling with a half-ready doHTTPRequest() which btw is the only option for a restful GET/POST...

Please prove me wrong!