BDM array mapping

Hi Experts,

   Something strange is happening with the arrays when using BDM. I'll give you an example: 

- Array kakukk has:





Then comes the BDM message (from SoapUI perhaps) saying... B1,B2,B3

Now what my client wants is that the array will look like this : B1,B2,B3 -> always the values in the latest message: no comparing no thinking.

Now, the result by default is this:


So technicaly B1,B2,B3 (incoming new array) replaces the original arrays first element... eh?

I went on playing with $bdm.value setValue, context, $sm.value... but regardless what I do the result will be this, no questions asked...

I thought this was an easy one : just have to null the array and put the incoming in there... 

I checked, $bdm.value is correct. $sm.value can be also set to be correct : $result or setValue, tried both...

Result is always the nonsense above...

Field is array of characters, nothing special in datadict, no thetering scripts, anything. It's a custom field.


Thanks in advance!