How to run independent Alerts in PD for SM 9.41

I've set-up an alert for unacknowledged high priority IMs to kick off 15 minutes after the IM is opened.

We are running 9.41 P1 and mostly PD and I found that placing the Alerts in the Alert Name array on the Alerts tab for a WorkflowPhase works. Ie. It kicks off the Alert.

But, I found in "PD Tailoring Help" looking for "Configure workflow phases", that for Alerts, it states:

1. You can use alerts to configure phases, however we recommend that you use the Run Scheduled Action rule instead.

2. For more information about the Run Scheduled Action rule, see "Configure Run Scheduled Action rules."

So I looked this up and it states that I would set-up a Rule to run a Scheduled Action.

So I looked at setting this up and had questions on how this was to be set-up.

My biggest challenge is that it states to run "Backend Transition......" as the Action after Rule Set. These seem very confusing.

Is there any real risk in using the Alerts tab in the WorkflowPhase?


  • Verified Answer

    My experience with Service Manager tells me that engineers rarely remove functions even when they are multiple methods of accomplishing something. Therefore, I will continue to use the Alerts tab on the Phase for my Non-SLA Alerts.

    I've also requested that HP/MF update their documentation regarding back-end transitions with an understandable definition and perhaps a real-life example so that their "recommended" method is better understood.