Using the ESS client where user finds a request, we prefer a user not be limited to their requests

Using the ESS (Employee Self Service) client where user finds a request, we prefer that a user is not be limited to their own requests. We would like them to be able to search for any request.

When a ESS user searches for Interactions "Find a Request", they are limited by only the requests (typically SRC interactions) that they submitted.

When our ESS users go on vacation, etc., another ESS user typically steps in and manages the other user's requests and when they can't see them via ESS, it causes an issue.

We are on SM 9.41.1005 P1 codeless and we think that these modules may control the query. and

Thanks - Larry.


  • Hello Larry,

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    you can check the options you have for ESS user on system administration > ongoing maintenance > profiles > service desk profiles.



  • Hi Carlos!

    SM 9.41 doesn't use profiles as it did on 9.3x. So, there is no "service desk" by navigating to:

    system administration > ongoing maintenance > profiles

  • ESS access is restricted per the license agreement. While you may be able to alter the restrictions applied to ESS users, you risk potential licensing audit issues (e.g. a requirement to purchase full client licenses for all self-service users because the limits of the unlimited ESS-only license were bypassed). 

    It may be acceptable to update the restrictions to allow a user to view records as read-only where they are not the service recipient or primary contact. Allowing any user other than the recipient or contact to update the record would likely violate the ESS license and require consumption of a user license.

    Before removing any restrictions on ESS access, I recommend getting confirmation from HPE Support that the modifications will not violate the terms of the license. 


    I believe the restrictions were defined in RAD at one time (specifically to prevent them from being modified),  but I can't find the panel that does so. It's possible that the restriction is applied at the RTE level in newer releases--again, that would prevent modification. 

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    Hi John!

    I was always under the impression that the ESS client was restricted to interactions and due to licensing restrictions, not able to reference IMs, CMs, etc.    In 9.30, the Interaction owning restriction for the ESS client either was not there or was bypassed, but in 9.40, HP has changed the code for selecting them.

    Good point although, I will follow up with HP.

    Thanks, -Larry-