Preferred Notebook Style in My Preferences - Sm 9.4x

I am using the 9.4x web client.  When I go into My Preferences and select Preferred Notebook Style -

                   There are 2 values: Tabs & Groups.

Just wondering how this is supposed to work as formats designed with groups never change to Tabs and vice-versa. I tried both preferences and logged off and back to no avail.

How does this preference automatically change format style - is there something we must do when we create the format for this to work.

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  • I believe this feature only applies to forms that contain notebooks and not to groups.  But just to make sure we are talking about the same thing can you tell me an OOB form ( or attach one of your custom forms ) that contains a 'group' for verfication.

    For example form has a group box around all of the other widgets,  is that what you mean by group?   If so then this feature does not apply to that type of widget.