Error message when logging into Web client - SM 9.41

Error message when logging into Web client - SM 9.41

When I log onto our Web client, I receive this error message:

I received a fix for our 9.40 system ( QCCR1E124742_SM941_SM930 ) and it was successful, but now we're getting this for 9.41.

The SL-SMModuleConfig in 9.41 is the same as in the above unload.

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  • Hi Steve!

    We don't sync our operators to the contacts.  On the company record, syncOpCon is false.

    We don't even display the field on the operator format.

    The value on the operator record for my ID is NULL..

    I will try setting it to the on the contacts file and see if this fixes it.



  • Verified Answer

    I wasn't able to reproduce but it does look like Steve may be right.  I compared your trace with mine and your trace ends here:


    If you following that SMCRemoteService to getUserInfo you'll find it calls getUserInfo which calls GetContactByOperator which eventually calls getContact.  If what Steve mentioned isn't the exact issue you can debug those portions to see what may be missing.


    Jason W. 

  • Looks like Steve strikes again - That fixed it!

    We've never synced the operators & contacts as we load our contacts using Connect-IT from exchange data, Thanks so much for delving into this - I really appreciate it!