What is the best way to set fields to a null value using mass update?

Looking for an answer on mass update with a null value.  Tested with template update method using two double-quotes with no spaces ("") as well as NULL in the field, but no luck as those actual values are appearing in the field.  I need to field to be blank.

Using Service Manager 9.40.

Appreciate the help.

  • Hello,

    I think that your concern is regarding about how can the specific field be removed from mass update?


    The list of fields for the template mass update is generated in ScriptLibrary Template, function getTemplateFields()
    There, line 118 through 139, the watch variables of the Object record get added.
    The watch variables should by default be in this list. Therefore, one cannot simply change this JS to remove them at all.
    Instead an field would be required in Object record, in the array for the watch variables to in- or exclude them from the template mass update.
    It would be recommended to get this implemented as ER, as dealing with the Object record may put Document Engine at risk. Overall solution shall be very well tested before the implementation.

  • Robcord, thank you for your reply.

    To clarify, my question wasn't about how a specific field could be removed from a mass update.  What I wanted to do was, from a list of records that were the result of a query, and where each of those records had a value in field A, how can field A be set to a null value in a mass update.

    As mentioned, I wasn't successful via using the template update.  However, I did consult with a SM veteran user whe recommended the use of the complex update panel with the following to be executed on each record:

    field A in $file=NULL

    That worked for my purposes.

    Again, thank you for your reply.

  • Verified Answer

    Using a complex update, set the field to NULL

    Like that:

    your_field_name in $file=NULL