Forwarding a Service Manager ticket through email

I have on many occasion been asked by another tech when I am working on a request, incident, problem, etc for help on a ticket.  Throughout the day, it would be easier if I had a button/function where I can perform directly from the ticket a "forward" within email.  It would be great to just forward the entire form but also as effective would be having the ability to just forward the link to the ticket.  Has anyone created a process or wizard that would call the notification engine to send an HTML email on demand?  My preference would be to select some sort of button and have the application prompt me for some verbiage that would be included in the portion of the email along with the predefined data and URL as part of the HTML email.

  • Hello JTonn,

    What you are looking for is possible to be implemented as a wizard. The wizard can capture the information you want and use that info to populate the HTML Template Email and then the notification engine can deliver the email.

    If you don't mind to provide an example of what you would like to see in the email so I can do a similar implementation on my system and then deliver the instructions for you to test it.


  • Hello.  Sorry for the late response.

    However, what I would like to see in the email is the following;

    IM/Q/LI/PM number (Depending on the ticket)

    Comments that I input that disp[lays why I am requesting them to look at the ticket.

    Now, obviously, the reference number will be hyperlinked so when the recipient gets the email, they can link directly to it for all information on the ticket.

    So, I would be looking for a "button" that would initiate the wizard you suggested and the wizard would capture my comments and then the Linked record and the comments are sent.  I guess I would use a standard subject line like "Your input is required for <$RECORD.number>"

  • Also, one more thing.  I would need to be able to enter the recipients email.  I can either physically type it in or use my contacts table.

  • Hi JTonn,

    I think it's possible. I need to know what SM version you use and also if you use HTML Email feature.


  • Service Manager version 9.30

    HTML Notifications/emails ARE being used

  • Any luck on this?  Functionality would be a big plus to my users

  • Hi JTonn,

    I didn't receive any more posts about this until today I see you use HTML Email. I need to work on the feature and test probably I'll have an update for you by the end of tomorrow. I apologize for the time this was unattended.


  • Hi JToon,

    I've been working on the code to send email but I still need to progress on the wizard part. Hope I can have it by the end of the week because I've been really busy this week.

    NEW ScriptLibrary Name => customEmails / Package => User

    function sendEmail( recipient, subject, emailBody ) {
          var email = new SCFile("mail");

          email[""] = recipient;
          email["user.from"] = system.functions.operator();
          email[""] = system.functions.tod();
          email["status"] = "sent";
          email["subject"] = subject;
          email["application"] = "email";
          email["user.array"][0] = recipient;

          var paramNames = new SCDatum();
          var paramValues = new SCDatum();


          var rteReturnValue = "";
          var rc = system.functions.rtecall("callrad",
                                              "", //RAD app name
                                              false); //false to run in same thread, true to run in new thread

          return rc;


    function htmlsend(recipient, record)

          var htmlTemplateName = "Notification by email";
          var subject = lib.htmlemailtemplates.getMailHeader(htmlTemplateName, record, record, recipient, "en");
          var emailBody = lib.htmlemailtemplates.getMailBody(htmlTemplateName, record, record, recipient, "en" );
          var rc = sendEmail( recipient, subject, emailBody );


    Hopefully I can perform a full test and if it works fine to send it to you. Please be patience!

  • JD,

    Thanks! I will be in "standby mode" :-)

  • Verified Answer

    Hi JTonn,

    I've attached 6 records:

    2 wizards,

    2 formats,

    1 display option

    and 1 script library record.

    Those records will enable a display option, for imIncident.view display screen, you will need to create new display options for your modules or also adjust this one for Incident Module.

    That display option will call a wizard, which will display a format for the user to add emails or contacts or both. Once that is done, wizard will call the next format and complete the action. In the second wizard will check if emails were provided and send the emails to the users.

    The content of the email will be based on htmltemplates record. If you check the htmlsend function in the customemails script library you will notice one template is set there for probsummary value you need to add those two lines for each other module you want to use and set the correct template for that module and this should help to accomplish your goal.

    Please send to me an email to Personal Info Erased to give you the files for this implementation. I'm not able to upload them here.

    Good luck!