Calling a format control from another format control (HPSM 9.30)

I am looking to see if there is a way to use the subroutines portion of a format control to call another format control.  I had an enhancement by HP the invokes a format control on the svcCat.disp.item form in the service catalog.  However, this is the only format control identifier that works since it is called directly within the RAD.

However, I can call other forms in the display screen to be invoked when selectiong a catalog item.  So, I can keep adding validation lines in the svcCat.disp.item format control but this is now getting unruly as I have many catalog items that need validations.  So instead of me continually adding lines lto call out when the validation should occur (example: name in $file="qvcgl_Training" fo anytime a training request is selected)  I would like to put in the subroutine to call out a specific format control called training and place the validations there.  By doing so, this will organize my data better and I can keep track of what validation is being invoked.

So, in short, looking to see if I can call a format control called Training (or other FC's) from my existing format control svcCat.disp.item through the subroutines of the format control svcCat.disp.item.

Using HPSM 9.30