Adjusting the frame size of a PopUp Subform

I have created a subform that is used as a hover(pop up) form when hivering over a comfill box.  It works as I expected except I would like to adjust the size of the pop up form frame as it does not show everything.  I fact, part of the record being shown is cut off.  I have tried several ways, using a frame adding extra blank labels, but the pop up fram stays the same size.

Is there any way to adjust this?  I am using v9.35 web client.

I have placed an attachment to show what is happening and what I need to happen

  • Hi Jtonn,

    hope you are doing fine.

    I just wanted to let you know I found information due pop ups, I suggest you to pay attention to the "note" section talking for the pop up size:

    Using pop-ups

    You can display a form as a pop-up by embedding the comfill widget in the form.
    Pop-up forms enable you to create a form once, and then use it in other forms. Construct a pop-up form in the same way as you would a standard form.

    Forms displayed as pop-ups are read-only; users cannot interact with them. If you want your users to be able to interact with the form, display the form as a standalone of another form instead of as a pop-up.

    • Pop-ups only display one record. If the virtual join returns zero or multiple records, the pop-up form will display an error message.
    • Only a single pop-up can be active at a time.


    The following widgets are supported for pop-ups. Use a regular subform instead of a pop-up subform for any widget not on this list. If you use a non-supported widget, the pop-up will display an error message.

    • Checkbox
    • Date
    • Group/Frame
    • Image
    • Label
    • Table
    • Text
    • TextArea
    • Wrap Label


    *Note: For the Web client, the allowed maximum width of a pop-up form is 500 pixels. When designing a pop-up form for the Web client, make sure that the pop-up form is not too wide; otherwise, it may not appear correctly on the Web client.