With SM9.35 Universal Search - what are the steps to add other files

I am looking to add additional files like ocml to the list so people can search for Qxxxx-001 on the universal search and am not able to get this working.

  • Hello Ciwanowski,

    hope you are doing well.

    My apologize but I have no clear your idea. Could you please let me know what files? what form? what kind of field, drop down for example? what list do you want to add the file?

    In addition, what steps have you done until now?

    i will be attentive to your reply.


  • Verified Answer

    Within HP Service Manager you can enable Universal search.  This enables any ticket number to be typed into the search and that ticket will show.  So if you type SDxxxx it finds the interaction, If you type IMxxxx it finds the Incident ticket.

    I wanted to add Line item tickets to this universal search capability.

    I already updated the global variable UniSearch Types to add line item and recycled the system but when i type a Qxxx-xxx it does not find the ticket.

    hope this explains things better