Service Catalog User Option Table in SM9.4 Question

With the upgrade into SM9.4, when a request is submitted using SRC, the user selections as well as the values entered by the end user are now saved to a new table.

If a customer is still using the old ESS module for submitting from the catalog, are these user options still saved to this table or is this only with the use of SRC or Propel portals?

What is the roadmap for the ESS module lifecycle?

  • Hi Ciwanoski,

    Is the new table svcCartItem? If so, SRC and ESS will store user selections there.

    If not, please let me know what table you refer for research.

    SRC and Propel are suppose to replace ESS however there is no specifics on when development or product management is looking to fully remove ESS. From support perspective a lot of customers are using ESS so probably ESS will be around for several years.


  • Sorry to interrupt, but the original author meant a table called "userOption".

    It's a nice addition to SM 9.4x from a reporting perspective, previously those option values were only hidden inside of XML garbage.

  • Actually i mean the userOption table that is being used within SM9.4 to store each user selection and its value.

    Is this table being populated:

    1. If a customer submits from ESS using the old Service Catalog
    2. If a customer submits using SRC into Request - not using Request Fulfillment but the original Request Management