When opening a related IM from parent IM record, need to move a field value to it.

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We are opening related IM records from the related records tab of the IM record's.  Some fields like action, contact.name, category, subcategory etc.  are being moved to the new IM record.  I want to move another field but I couldn't find a definition record to do this in the link table.   (I want to move the number field to the parent.incident field of the related record)  Any idea?  

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  • Hello,

    The screlate link records still seem to use the old 'problem' reference in relation to IM tickets, so for this it seems to be the screlate.problem.problem.  You would click on the incident.id line then right-click outside the table to Select Line, then add the field you want to copy over into the Source Field and Target Field.  I hope this helps.