Crystal Reports Date Ranges

Hi Experts,


I have configured the OOB operational reports provided with HP Service Manager and it is running successfully, I just have one problem regarding some reports when they ask for date range or date start and it give a list of provided dates that I should choose from them and I don't know from where it retrieve those dates as I want to enter any date I want to use through searching. Also the dates are not updates so for example when I tried to run it yesterday it give a list of date which all in 2013 not in 2014!

here is attached  a snap shot of running the report from service desk reports "Escalated Interactions"

Is there any way to change the way it is asking for the start date to be any value I can choose from.






  • Hi

    Have you tried


    Create a Parameter Field

    1. Select

    Parameter Fields in Field Explorer and then click New .

    2. Enter the

    Name, Prompting Text, and select the Value type.

    3. Select if you want to

    Allow multiple values, then select if the values are to be discrete or a range.

    4. To set a default entry, click Set default values .

    a. Select the table for the

    Browse Table: field and the appropriate field with the parameters for the Browse Field: field.


    Select or enter the value to add: select the default value and then add > it to the Default Values list.


    : If you are using a date/time field, you may select Range Limited Field and provide a beginning and ending date

    for the range. This will not allow selections outside the range limit.

    c. Click OK to return to the

    Create Parameter Field dialog box.

    5. Click OK when finished.

    6. To apply the parameter to the report, click Select Expert .

    7. Select the field the parameter is based on to filter by and then click OK.

    8. Select the is equal to comparison operator from the dropdown list.

    9. Select the new parameter {?ParameterName}in the criteria dropdown list and then click OK.