SLT Final State 'All Child Records Are Resolved

Hi all,

I can't figure out something about SLT's 

Basically, i wanna create a "Service Desk Interactions SLT" which is start measuring target from Open and will stop measuring when status is 'All Child Records Are Resolved'

Why i need that?

In my scenerio;

  • user started an interaction
  • 1st lev. agent met interaction and decided its about an incident (or request fullfillment)
  • generated a child record /records
  • escalating 2nd lev. support team (network, cloud, etc)
  • somebody else resolved child record
  • 1st lev agent thinks my job is done, but isn't!
  • Service desk interaction SLT still running and breached out (But problem solved!)

In this case, i need an additional status for SLT which is stop running parent (Prevent Interaction's SLA Breach)

Thanks for help!