Caller History table

Hi all,

We have recently upgraded to 9.52 and I am wondering if anyone has a solution for displaying a list of interaction records that the customer has made.

I am trying to create a table on the form that the field is filled, it will populate the data in the below table to let the operator know any previous interactions the customer has had.

I would also like to restrict the query to only return the most recent 10 results so that it doesnt take too long to load the data.

















Any help/guidance is appreciated


Thanks in advance,


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    Isn't it the purpose of the context (third) button? Not sure about 9.52 because I don't installed it yet... for older versions it's exactly what it does..

    Anyway, If you want to create something keep it simple. Don't create another table, just use the same incidents table to show it... just don't forget to create an index to not overload your database...