Creating a ticket on planned start date of cm3r record


Is it possible to create a ticket using JS only once the "planned start date" is today on a cm3r record? What is the best approach (alerts, scheduled action ruleset, fc calc, etc) with minimal impact in regards to alerts stacking up in the system? This should happen automatically (not depending on updates or workflow phase changes) so im assuming some timer would need to be involved.

  • What do you mean by "with minimal impact in regards to alerts stacking up in the system"?

    My suggestion would be to use the Scheduled Maintenance module.

  • I guess the scheduler/processes generated by creating timers for each cm3r record in the system. Not sure if that would potentially be an issue. I need a trigger when (today is the "planned start date"  other conditions) in an RFC record. Scheduled maitenance is based on a defined schedule my understanding, but please let me know if I am missing something or if there's a different way of using it. We're only using them to create incidents right now but perhaps I can run a daily one to  query cm3r record fields if thats feasible?

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    Schedule Maintenance is handled by a background process that runs every minute or so.  It wakes up and looks to see what schedule tasks need to be completed.  You could create a task that calls a javascript..  In that, you could have it query the cm3r records for your trigger condition.  For each one it finds, it could create a ticket. Something like that....