Copying a ci causes duplication issues


We're having some trouble duplicating CI's because the throws a duplication error. I've checked the DO for am.display.joinfile save/add and DS for am.newdevice for where this may be set...

When we click duplicate configuration item, the logical name is null. After clicking save, the gets populated by the previous CI's value again, causing the duplicate error. Any suggestions where I could find the values (logicalname) being brought over on the Save (add) button when saving a new (copied) CI record?


Thank you

  • I am not able to reproduce this problem in an out of box SM9.41 system. After clicking Duplicate Configuration Item on an existing CI, a new CI Identifier ( is populated automatically. However, the Display Name remains the same, and if I click save, the following error is displayed: Duplicate display name in current CI type.

    Is this the error you're talking about? If not, please provide your detailed steps to reproduce the error, as well as the version of SM being used.



  • Hi Mike,


    I am using 941 as well. This happens with the officeelectronics type. Steps:

    1. Select CI (officeelectronics)

    2. Duplicate configuration item

    3. Now the screen shows the same CI, but is empty (as expected)

    4. Fill out the fields (asset tag/name are now different)

    5. Click save

    6. Logical name is populated with the same value as the copied CI and duplicate key error occurs

    If this cannot be reproduced on your system, would you know where I can go to see how that "save" function brings over the values? What is the function it should be calling to generate the sequential numbers? As mentioned, I have checked the DO but I am just trying to find where else this could be.

    Thank you

  • As an update... I'm unable to reproduce with other device types (for instance Display Device) - the sequential numbers are generating as they should. Also, the keeps populating with the same value each time even if I try it on another officeeletronic CI, as if it's a static value.

    Are there any options related to the officeeelectronics type I can look at? or any variables such as if ($am.action="clone" and $clone.flag=true) being set per device type I can look into?

    Thank you

  • Verified Answer

    I am not having the problem with officeelectronics CI types either. For example, if I choose adv-afr-copier-fin and duplicate it, the new logical name is generated as expected. Please attach an unload of one of your problematic CIs so we can test it. If you can't do this, please run a trace of the issue using RTM:3 and debugdbquery:999, and attach it to the thread. If you can't attach it, please open a support case.