email not sending to specific user


Are there any other options to troubleshoot an email not being sent to a specific user only.

Eventout and eventin dont have any info. The logs and SM screen are saying email was sent succesfuly. The same rules are sending emails to other users. Contact & Operator records look fine. Anywhere else I can check or debugging that will provide more info? emailout log does not have any info.

in sm log with debug:

 module="evmsg" severity="1">Email has been sent to <email address> .</message></messages></clientRequest></executeResponse></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope>


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    Hello Lucy,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    According to what are you describing on your post, you mentioned that in the eventout and eventin there is not information at all, that actually is good because it means that by Service Manager side everything is working fine, I mean the emails are going out.

    By coincidence if there would be issues with emails, they would get stock on the eventout one by one and the log would report many error messages, then we should review the email configuration but in this case we don't, the operators on SM are fine if there is no difference between the ones that received emails and the ones don't.

    What I think in this case is that on SM there is no problem, the issue is with the email server itself, your IT department should be in charge to check the proper configuration of the server with those specific users,

  • unfortunately the email is still not sending and we did not find any issues with the email server trace. is ther any logging or trace I can enable within the application that will provide more detail?

  • Hi Lucy,

    Actually yes, please follow the steps below:

    1- Go to command line.

    2- Go to the run directory where SM is install and type the following command: sm -httpPort:12345 -httpsPort:12346 -RTM:3 -debugdbquery:999 -debugnode:1 -sqldebug:1 -log:trace.txt

    3- Hit on enter.

    4- Open a New SM client with the following port 12345 and try to reproduce the behavior that we are expecting to have.

    5- Go to the run directory and look for the trace, that is, the txt file called trace.txt

    6- Send me the trace.txt file.

  • Hi Lucy,

    hope you are doing fine.

    were you able to capture the trace file?