SM Web Service Duplication rule return error


Does anyone know where the error gets returned for "Duplication Rule" in SM Web services?

I thought it would be in the data push adapter in ucmdb but no errors returned there.

  • Hi Lucy,

    hope you are doing fine.

    After what action do you have the duplication rule validation message and what SM version are you using?

  • Hi,

    Its 940 with ucmdb 10.21

    I am looking at Web Services - discovery event manager rules - duplication rules. This is oob config in 940.

    When I tried "Return error" for the duplication rule, a new datamodevent was created for the duplicated CI and it just overwrote the original one. Including ucmdb id, it just pushed a new one in...

    Where does this return an error? Maybe I am looking in the wrong place,

    The expected result would be if a duplicate is found, we would be notified by this error and SM shouldnt create the change incident & allow the original record to be overriden by a duplicate. Are there any known issues with this function?