RAD expression instead of using condition editor?


Is it possible to use a rad expression in the process designer when defining a condition?

What I am trying to accomplish is setting up clocks for the Request Module. From my understanding the macros do not support the request table, so i am approaching this using the process designer (stop and start clock).

However, in my condition I need to reference many values using isin ( isin "1","2","3"...) and I need to reference the old and new files. The condition editor allows me to reference saved/current, but can only select the values individually and cannot do an "isin" expression. Is there a way to use a rad expression rather than condition editor, or a better approach to defining clocks in the request module? (Need to use "isin" and reference old/new file)


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    In the condition editor you can select the option "RAD Expression" in the first column selection in a ruleset, maybe you can put the condition you have and proceed with testing. The inquiry I have right now is if the condition worked out in a non PD application as you mentioned that macros does not support the request table. Maybe you can provide us with detail of this condition you have and examples on how the clocks should work.