How to export search result as .csv with API or maybe generated link

Hi. I want an automatically export in my google sheet. 
With e.G LeanKit there is an opportunity to build a link for export and generate a token with my user account.

Unfortunately I did not found anything similiar for HPSM. 

Is there an easy way to build an access with JavaScript/GoogleScript.

Or I had an export from Sharepoint with .iqy (internet query) which I used in excel.

Kind regards,


  • Hi Kloso,

    On Service Manager, on my personal experience I haven't seen such functionallity than the usual, you can check the SM releases and verify if there is something similar as your requirement since I am not sure what version are you currently using. Just to remind you this is the normal csv export:

    1. Go to Window > Preferences, and make sure that the Client side load/unload option is selected.
    2. Open a list of records. For example, open a list of open incident records.

      Note:  You can use Modify Columns, so that only those columns containing data that you intend to export displays. You must keep the column that contains the key field.

    3. From the record list, click the More Actions icon, and choose Export to Excel.

    4. In the Filename field, specify a path and name for the file, and then click OK.

      Note: If you specify a file that does not exist, Service Manager will create it.

      HP Service Manager exports the record list to a CSV file and opens it in Excel.

  • If I understand your question correctly, you'd like some sort of automated way to regularly get a .csv of SM data? You could schedule a ScriptLibrary function in SM which could write data to a .csv. You could also set up an external script which would reach into SM through the REST API, pull out the data, and write it to a .csv.

    Those are just a couple ideas. It depends on what you need the data for. If you need to then iterate over it with some other script/tool, .csv might be best, yes, but you could also set up reports to occur automatically in the Reporting module of SM, if you are trying to provide reports/charts to your management/leadership.